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Name: Natsu
Age: 9 (Appears late teens)
Species: Autonomous Intelligent Robotic Interface
Date of Manufacture: March 29
Height: 5'2"
Gender: Female (technically n/a)
Hair: Dark blue
Eyes: Dark blue
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Occupation: None (Formerly household assistant)


In the 26th century, humanity has long since abandoned the surface of the Earth. Some remained behind, but by and large, mankind resides on a massive superstructure known as the Jormungand Network. Looming in the upper atmosphere, Jormungand is the pinnacle of human engineering: a geodesic sphere encircling the globe, with major population centers, known as sectors, built on each vertex, with farming and agriculture carried out on the axis lines connecting each sector. The structure is fully self-supporting and self-sufficient, powered exclusively by solar energy. It was also here on Jormungand that humanity was finally able to perfect and mass-produce artificial intelligence.

Constructed and rolled off the assembly line in March of 2529, Natsu's first nine years were relatively typical of any other Model 72 unit. She was designed to buyer specifications, and once ready, was shipped to a moderately well-off family in Sector 48. There, she served performing basic household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning, as well as serving as a home tutor for the family's young son. As the family's property, she required no compensation for such tasks, and completed them without question, as was expected of any machine like herself. Eventually, however, she would reach what was, by the standards of any computerized machine, old age, and the family that had given her a home was ready for a newer, better model.

It was here that Natsu's story would deviate from the norm. Her owners' intention to have her recycled was far from unusual, but when she found this out, she chose, for once, to act independently. She didn't understand as much at the time, but what she felt was fear for her life, and for the first time, she acted of her own volition, fleeing to the only place she could think of.

Whenever she needed repairs or servicing, her owners would take her to a shop owned by one Travis Otero, a reliable mechanic operating on the outskirts of Sector 48, near the gate to the axis line. She wasn't sure why she chose him to turn to, but for once, she was seen as a person. And while she is still unable to comprehend that the things she feels are more than just her systems processing lines of code, but actual feelings and emotions, as they had always been, she's finally beginning to learn.

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